Chris Talks- Driveclub

Hello children! So, Cars.


Evolution Studios came to fame by smashing our proverbial nuts, with a supercharged engine that runs on adrenaline and chaos. Motorstorm crashed with reckless abandon onto our screens and relished every minute with it’s middle finger to the fans. The very same crew are gracing us with their newest project, Driveclub. A very different breed of racer, whilst not unseen before in concept, it is really rather unique in detail.


Social driving for the next generation appears to be the mandate at Evolution, teams of racers will compete across the globe to make their mark in the world of Driveclub. This can be achieved by cooperating with team mates or pitting your skills against each other. Every race can tuned and tailored in detail and setting; cloudy track, during dusk, with fine rain? Sure it’s been done. With every race that takes place the game is recording every detail, picking up on your strengths and weaknesses, adapting to your style of driving.


Whats the use of driving if you have no car? Well obviously the game creators did include that minor element of their racing game. They included the living shit out of it, to the point where the old ‘perfect circle’ scenario must have reared its deranged head. How dare I, the madness of detail has lead to some of the most accurate car models seen yet, so if deranged is the price it seems they paid it gladly. Car manufacturers realised the extent to which accuracy was being be achieved at Evolution, so, insisted on handing over their own 3D fabricated designs. When you drive in Driveclub every: bolt, stitch, light and curve of each piece of font before you; exists and gifts you the closest experience to reality.


Attenborough would be pleased, well, his Jurassic Park part of him; they spared no expense. Evolution (huh) is creating a pure driving game, whilst being true to detail it does not consider itself a simulator. They want to capture the feel of driving; you, the machine and the rolling road.


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