Adam Talks- Pro Evolution Soccer 14

So, Grand Theft Auto V came out this week (Tuesday to be exact) but, as mentioned last week, I already expect you’ve gone out and spent your hard-earned cash on what is probably the most highly-anticipated game of the last few years.

Instead, I’m going to talk about a game [franchise] I played the hell out of for a number of years before unceremoniously ‘jumping ship’ to their competitor once the magic ran out.

This week, I’m going to talk about Pro Evolution Soccer 14.


“Biggest Rivalries In Video Gaming”

It’s one of the biggest rivalries in video gaming: FIFA v PES: everyone has a favourite; most people’s is FIFA.  I’m no different.

I did actually start out on PES ‘technically’ because the first football game I played a lot was ISS Pro which (along with World Soccer Winning Eleven) provided the basis for the Pro Evolution Soccer series.

However, a few years later I’d found a preference with FIFA and in FIFA 99.  Ashley Ward and Matt Jansen played up-front for Blackburn Rovers back then.  Not exactly ‘big names’ (though Jansen is something of a local hero in these parts), but it’s something I always remember when thinking about the game.


“There Was Heart”

Skip forward a few years and my PES obsession began.  I must have played my way through that year’s edition of PES for going up 6 years.  I loved it.  Okay, there were licenses missing and it never seem to look as good as FIFA but there was heart.  I spent hours in the Edit Mode making sure my players looked and played just like their real-life counterparts.  I was heavily involved in the editing scene on Neoseeker and spent hours adding my favourite teams’ badges into the game via the in-game pixel editor.

I probably spent more time editing the game than actually playing matches.


This went on for some time until the time of FIFA 09.  For some reason that’s when I made the jump from PES over to FIFA and that is where I stand to this day.  Never wavered.  Never felt a need to.

“Somewhat ‘Dropped The Ball'”

Konami have somewhat ‘dropped the ball’ with recent editions of the game so it’s been pretty easy for FIFA to pip them to ‘football game of choice’.

But this year!  This year will be different, right?  I don’t think so.  I’m mainly basing my scepticism on the 20 minutes I spent trying to play the demo last week.  Okay, I was drunk at the time, so this is probably an unfair valuation but I just couldn’t take to it; especially after spending the week previously playing the hell out of the demo for FIFA 14.


“That’s Right.  No Rain”

I’ve got to point out a rather perplexing fact: this year’s Pro Evolution Soccer will not feature rain.  That’s right.  No rain.  Whatever excuse Konami try to pass off for this I’m not buying it.  I actually set the default weather setting to “rain” for most of my games because I just like rain.  I also like the way players (and the ball) react to the adverse weather conditions.

PES 2014 uses the Fox Engine, which I must admit is rather exciting because it’s the same engine powering Konami’s next chapter in the Metal Gear Solid series.

“The Game Has Actually Turned Out Well!”

Reviewers have taken to Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 quite well; based on these review scores the game has actually turned out well!  Not that it actually matters, the only thing that’s ever mattered is thus: Is it better than FIFA 14?

We won’t know this until FIFA 14 is released next week.  But after playing both demos (admittedly, one much more than the other) I already know where my money’s going: into the pocket of Electronic Arts.


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