Ian Talks- Diablo 3 Burns onto Consoles

Diablo 3 Game

Yes, folks, it has been quite a while. Quite a while indeed. Well I’m back now. For a limited time only. I come with a special collectors edition Tin Helmet that produces premium quality tomato paste out of the dandruff in your hair.

Blizzard’s swash-buckling finger numbing action RPG Diablo 3 has finally arrived on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 boasting a few console only features that may convert non-believers over to the cause.

One of the most awesome features on the console port of the highly acclaimed PC title is the introduction of four player split-screen. In addition, Blizzard has removed the always online DRM which means players can enjoy the game solo without a persistent internet connection. The much maligned Auction House has also disappeared in this iteration of the hack-n-slash franchise, instead the developers have upped the quality of shiny things that drop from monsters within the game.

For me, the auction house removal certainly piques my interest. Playing Diablo 3 on the PC last year amounted to killing copious numbers of monsters to save enough gold to buy some insanely overpowered and specific piece of gear from the place. All the mystique of the random epic drop made famous in the previous two titles was virtually non-existent. Here’s hoping that will come back with the console version.

Naturally, controls have been tweaked for this release. Blizzard has included a dodge mechanic which will likely make battles with the game’s two melee based classes more visceral. Not needing to click the left-mouse button repeatedly may also alleviate the RSI that I imagine a lot of Diablo players (myself included) currently suffer from.

Overall, I think this is a good move from Blizzard. I can see Diablo for the consoles becoming quite popular.

However, the game is set to be released on the PS4 in 2014 and that will be when I plan to pick up my copy. I expect to have more than a few words to say about that release.

Why not take a quick look at some multiplayer footage from E3 to whet the appitite?


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