Adam Talks- Lost Planet 3 & Total War: Rome 2

Disclaimer: Absolutely no research was carried out while writing this piece.  All information provided is based on: 1) My previous knowledge of said titles, 2) ‘Things I heard once that may or may not be true’ and 3) Pure speculation.

I’ve decided to ‘wing it’ this week and write about a couple of games using only raw imagination and conjecture to formulate a hopefully valid opinion.


Lost Planet 3

Released- 30 August 2013

Lost Planet 3 is the third in the Lost Planet series (so far, so good).  I remember being incredibly interested in the first Lost Planet game (let’s call it: ‘Lost Planet 1’).  That was, until I played the demo in my local video game store.  I always found my local video game store (I’m trying not to mention the specific chain because: fuck free advertising!  Okay, it was Game) never had demos of the games I actually wanted to play.  So I had to play Lost Planet.

At first, the concept seemed cool: you were lost… on a planet… or maybe it was the planet you were on that was lost?  Who loses a planet!?  Well, anyway, it turned out to be an overly simplistic, rather boring shooter with nothing new to offer.  I’m even a fan of the whole ‘snow thing’ but alas, it wasn’t to be.


It was because of the above experience that I never read about, played or even half-heartedly check out the sequel (I’m going to go for: Lost Planet: Second Edition).  And the same can be applied for the new release: Lost Planet III (Not the Roman numerals for ‘3’, tally marks).

I’m going to go out on a whim here and presume LPIII is no better or worse than its predecessors.  Maybe I’m being overly harsh.  Maybe I should at least give a game the common courtesy of finding out its correct title before writing a few hundred words on the internet about it.  Maybe you’re right.

Anyway, I’m still going to recommend you don’t play it.  Take THAT whoever made Lost Planet III (Capcom?)


Total War: Rome II

Released- 03 September 2013

Total War: Rome II (That’s the correct title, honest!) is probably the second game in the Total War: Rome series.  Or maybe it’s the second Total War game which happens to be set in Rome?  Or maybe it’s the first Total War game but is set in a futuristic city whose inhabitants’ values are based around those of ancient Rome.  I prefer to think it’s the later.

I’m led to believe the Total War games contain a mixture of turn-based and real-time strategy to build the biggest, most bloody-thirsty empire possible.  I added the blood-thirsty bit myself but we’re talking about civilisations thousands of years old here.  The Romans were pretty fucking violent in their time.


Like most of the games I seem to end up writing about I can’t say I have much interest in either the Total War series or the genre as a whole; it’s just not my thing.  But I respect the time and effort these guys put into making these games so *thumbs up*.


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