Dan Talks- Fable Legends, Diablo III expansion, Vita Price Drop and Mojang’s Cobalt

Welcome back to another edition of Dan Talks. Since I didn’t release an article last week I thought I’d give you a few more topics than usual. Okay… I’m lying. There has just been a lot of information released this past week, mostly because of Gamescom and the abundance of information flying out of that place. But a lot of it is re-confirming what we already already kind of knew, e.g. PS4 and Xbox One launch line-ups.

So here are the announcements that have caught my attention:


Microsoft Announces Fable Legends

During a pre-gamescom event in Germany, Microsoft announced a new Fable game from the team at Lionhead Studios. The studio is now renowned for the Fable games and rightfully so, Fable II in particular was a very fun and enjoyable game.

There’s quite a bit of information floating around out there if you’re looking for the in’s and out’s, but I’ll just give you a general idea of what we’ll be receiving with the next Fable game (but keep in mind, it’s not Fable IV):

Set during Albion’s age of heroes, 400 years before the events of Fable, it casts you as one of a number of different heroes, each being a different class. The sort of thing you may be used to with Fable; a fighter class, a mage class, a ranged class etc.

There does seem to be a lot of focus on the heavy cooperative multiplayer element of the game, where different classes, played by different people, will be watching each other’s backs. Fable Legends, as an Xbox One exclusive, shall be making full use of the Xbox One’s cloud capabilities, and so will only be playable online. And Microsoft has also suggested there might be smart glass functionality.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t overly enjoy Fable III. I felt disappointed by it. Especially since I enjoyed Fable II so much. So I haven’t really had that much interest in the franchise recently. We’ll see, as time goes on and more details are revealed, whether or not Microsoft can gain my interest again.


Blizzard Announces Diablo III Expansion

Last week the buzz around the web was that a new expansion for Diablo III was on the way. Well it turns out to be true. Blizzard announced Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, and it will introduce a new Crusader mid-range melee class and pit players against Malthael (apparently the fallen Angel of Wisdom who’s now an angel of death). The news is that new monsters, new environments, and new loot will all be available for your gaming pleasure.

I’m not a Diablo fan, so I have no idea if what I just said makes sense. Hopefully it does and this news makes you happy. If not then wait until it’s on consoles , I’ll then purchase it and explain everything to you.


PlayStation Vita Price Drop Announced

At Sony’s conference at Gamescom 2013 they announced that, as you can tell from the title, the cost of a PS Vita is coming down.  Sony also confirmed plans to price drop it’s Vita memory cards, although details about the exact nature of the reduction in price have yet to be stated.

As for the details on the price drop of the PS Vita itself, I have that information for you. In the UK the price drop appears to be £170 and €200 for our European friends (with the current exchange rate that’s roughly the same). But if you live in North America though, the price drop will actually be to around $200, which is around £127. That would be a nice drop wouldn’t it, but we’re not that lucky on this side of the pond.

Sony also reiterated that nearly all of the PS4’s games will be playable on the Vita using the consoles Remote Play feature. Which is actually quite interesting, but that’s old news. I shan’t get into that now.


Mojang Announce Cobalt For Xbox One And 360

Another piece of news from Germany is that the first third-party game published by Mojang has been confirmed for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Currently in alpha for PC and Mac, the game is now being ported to console. Cobalt itself is a side-scrolling game about cyborgs, weapons and slow motion evasive manoeuvres. Well, that’s what I gather from what I’ve read on their website.

And since we’re talking about Mojang, I should also mention that Minecraft shall be making it’s way onto PS3, PS4 and Vita. And it’s about time too. This news also means that, when the next-gen consoles are released, it’ll be everywhere. So it won’t matter which platform you prefer to play it on, because it’ll be everywhere.

Except on Nintendo platforms. Because Nintendo suck (opinion not fact, even though it’s what we’re all thinking).


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