Chris Talks- Battlefield 4


“Avert A Brewing World War”

2020 and China is the new focus, amongst the Russians and the U.S. Battlefield 3 left us tracing flashback accounts of Sgt. Blackburn as he uncovered a Nuclear threat. Orchestrated by a CIA informant, hoping a Russian and U.S. conflict would cover the whole thing up, Blackburn thwarted the operation, but that was in 2014. America is being implicated in the assassination of China’s ‘man of peace’ Jin Jie (They are not behind it). Battlefield 4 puts you in the boots of Sgt. Recker, a special forces soldier, who, with his team, must find out who is behind it all. Several agents and defectors hold key intel, and part of the story has you rescuing said intel in order to avert a brewing world war between China, Russia and the U.S.


“A New Level Of Destruction”

With the next generation comes a new games engine, Frostbite 3. Much like its predecessor, a new edge is being painted on the face of gaming, quite literally. A new level of destruction with visible chunks of debris that interacts and buckles with the environment around it. Weather system effects in sync with each other at all points of the map, to more closely simulate nature. Strong billowing winds will bend the trees as a dark sky tumbles over head forcing the seas to swell. If you’re unfortunate enough to be caught out at sea, the peaks and troughs of the waves exist beyond a 2D plane. Ship combat can be utilised to a greater extent using waves to put off pursuers while avoiding the debris of wreckage.


“Dynamically Alter The Way A Map Behaves”

On the multiplayer front, next-gen users can experience 60fps 32 vs 32 player arenas just like on the PC, with current-gen maintaining current specs. One new major feature sees a return of Commander Mode, an RTS style top down view of the map. Each team is assigned a Commander whom will have sight of their squads, will be able to communicate with each and as long as the squads perform well, can support them in three ways. Intel in the form of local or map wide UAV scans, Support in the form of Supply drops or vehicle assists and Assault with EMP bursts and precision Cruise Missile strikes. Another new feature named ‘Levolution’ allows players to dynamically alter the way a map behaves. So far this has only been showcased with one map, where car park struts can be destroyed, to bring down the roads above trapping passing tanks. It also shows how an entire skyscraper is brought down after a series of actions carried out by the players. As it crumbles into the surrounding ground, rubble blocks previous paths and entry points, dust is kicked up disturbing visibility. Entirely unscripted these events can happen at any point, turning one map into two.


“More Chaos, More Sounds And More Destruction”

From what I’ve seen of BF4 they are making the most of the Next-Gen specs thus far, as well as improving the engines that power the physics of the game. The campaign in BF4 will bring a personal performance in the faces of characters not seen since LA Noire and the reveal of Beyond: Two Souls. More chaos, more sounds and more destruction. There’s even one more member in the World War club. I’m a fan of Battlefield, it lends a degree of reality other popular war based FPS’s lack and has given me the freedom to roam and be tactical. The success of said tactics is entirely down to me, and not fluke mishap nonsense, which is the way I like it.


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