Dan Talks- More Dead Island, State Of Decay Update, Xbox One DVR

I’m back with the biggest announcements from the past week:


Dead Island: Epidemic Announced

Publisher Deep Silver just announced Dead Island: Epidemic, a free-to-play and only on PC online multiplayer battle arena game (that’s a mouthful). It’s supposedly going to take place in the Dead Island universe and I have no doubt that it’ll involve fighting zombies in an open world with an emphasis on melee combat.

The original games were developed by Techland, but the announcement didn’t state which company is developing the latest installment. Techland is working on another zombie game called Dying Light for next-gen consoles, so it may not be them. But why they’ve made another game in a mediocre franchise that isn’t particularly well liked, I don’t know.


Xbox One DVR Feature Requires Gold Membership

Well it turns out you’ll have to have an Xbox Live Gold subscription to use Xbox One’s DVR game-capture and video sharing functionality. Unlike the PS4’s which will reportedly be free, along with most of the consoles basic functions. But with the Xbox One, only Gold members will have access to Skype, Smart Match multiplayer matchmaking and as usual online play.

This is no surprise, generally nothing is free with Xbox. Even the recent monthly free games feels very much like an attempt to mimic the PSN strategy.


State Of Decay Gets An Update

Undead Labs has released an update for the highly popular and successful XBLA game State of Decay. The update fixes several major concerns and problems that the game has faced since launch, most notably a bug that refused to load your save game. Unfortunately not everyone will get the benefit of the update, some players may still be permanently affected by the issue. That means that some people may still have to start a new game anyway. Other changes include, more frequent auto-save updates, many A.I. improvements (e.g. followers can tag along and journeys) and outposts are now numbered on the map.

As a fan of this game, I love anything that makes the game better. Unless it inadvertently makes it worse. So bring on the updates, sort of.


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