Chris Talks- Splinter Cell: Blacklist


Sam Fisher Returns

6 months after the events of conviction, Sam Fisher returns as the head honcho of a newly formed 4th Echelon, only now they answer directly to the President. The US, being the anti-imperial nation they are, have ruffled a few feathers with over two thirds of their military stationed in other countries. Those with their feathers thoroughly ruffled have banded together calling themselves ‘The Engineers’. A right angsty bunch of hacker types with mercenary groups on speed dial; and they have an ultimatum. Move your military out or we give you a reason to, and the clock is ticking, a blacklist of target sites has been composed and 4th Echelon has only so long to thwart the authors behind it.


Choose your fighting style!

A lot of the game-play mechanics have carried over from Conviction; floating mission briefs against the walls, swift environment traversal, last known position and so on. However, unlike conviction you are not ionically bonded to that mechanic of balls out action, that did so well at watering down a long standing stealth franchise to a mediocre action game. Now while that is still an option, the game affords the courtesy of two other styles as well as the gaming space to do it. The aforementioned playing style is know as Assault, where by you achieve your goals with scant regard for detection or indeed discretion. The classical way of playing they now refer to as Ghost, undetected you accomplish the mission leaving no trace, body count or impression of any sort; as the name suggests you are invisible/ figment of the imagination. The third style, dubbed Panther, is a hybrid combining the fine arts of unsympathetic mass murder with looking cool in black spandex. It blends the ideal aspects of Ghost and Assault. Swift unnoticed infiltration with the efficient execution of any targets between you and the mission. Maximum lethality via the path of least resistance. It also helps that it’s the coolest looking one, with AssCreed finisher cinematics up the ying and indeed, the yang.



Fisher wouldn’t mean shit without his super fly gadgets all up-side them nasty ass mercs, causin’ all sorts of havok and messin’ up they’ day. Much like previous installments “The Toys” are back like the classic whistling distract make-you-sleep camera, only this time you just drop it into some girls drin… throw it via hand from your inventory. While they might have streamlined your kit to suit the pace of modern action gaming, Ghost Recon elements like the hover drone pop up with the ability to: whistle, electrocute and be a general nuisance; like a mini R2-D2. All your gear can be progressively upgraded using the in-game currency system. Points are earned based on the way you play, the stealthier you are the greater the points you earn. This way you are incentivized, beyond the act of gaming alone, to try alternative methods to achieve your goals. The credits you earn can upgrade your suits armor or the gadgets you use. For instance, a feature that tracks footprints in thermal mode and other additions to give you the extra edge.


A New Generation Of Splinter Cells

Conviction was the Sour Cream dip on a fairly unblemished Nachos with Cheese franchise that sought to refine it’s games with useful tweaks and interesting new game features. With a full online Mercs Vs Spies element making its return as well as a lengthy co-op campaign and a return to it’s stealthy conception. This next installment is looking to be the next platform to refine a new generation of Splinter Cells.


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