Dan Talks- Bioshock DLC, Real Boxing For PS Vita, and Next-Gen Tomb Raider

I’m back with the biggest announcements from the past week:


Bioshock Infinite DLC Announced

Irrational has announced details about three new pieces of downloadable content in BioShock Infinite’s Season Pass. Including challenge maps and new story content set in Rapture, the pieces of content are titled Clash in the Clouds, a combat-focused set of challenges set in the Bioshock Infinite’s Columbia (already available on Steam, PSN and Xbox 360) and Burial at Sea, a two-part episodic story that will make up the remaining two pieces of DLC.

In the first of the second two pieces of DLC, players will once again play Booker DeWitt but in a new(ish) setting that includes a noir-like version of Elizabeth and see’s the return of Rapture, the setting of previous Bioshock titles. The second will allow you to play as Elizabeth, but very few details have been released yet, other than Elizabeth’s gameplay will differ from Booker’s, and is “almost survival horror.” No release date has been announced yet, but I am really looking forward to Burial at Sea. I loved Infinte, and this DLC looks to be an extension of the same imaginative brilliance.


Sony Announce Real Boxing

Sony has revealed that Real Boxing will be coming to the PlayStation Vita. It will be available from August 28th in Europe and August 27th in North America , and it will cost £7.99 ($9.99). Real Boxing comes from Vivid Games, and is supposedly a boxing simulation game where you’ll be able to create a boxer and take him on a journey from amateur to pro. From what I can tell Vivid are trying to create a realistic boxing game with believable damage and other such elements that are supposed to make you feel like you’re an actual boxer. But as it’s on the Vita, I doubt that will be the case. Not that I have anything against the PS Vita or the game (it’s already available on Android and iOS devices by the way), I just can’t see it being good on any handheld device. Especially one that nobody owns.

Screenshot from Tomb Raider (2013)

Next-Gen Tomb Raider Confirmed

So, one interesting story to come out of San Diego Comic-Con is that Square Enix President for the Americas and Europe, Phil Rogers, has confirmed the development of a Tomb Raider sequel for next generation consoles and PC. The news about the sequel came about when comic writer Gail Simone, who is developing a Tomb Raider comic with Dark Horse comics, stated that the comic will lead directly into the next game. So there you have it, it’s been confirmed. To many people I doubt it’s a surprise for such a long running franchise to continue on-wards, but given the disappointment with Tomb Raider’s sales a follow-up wasn’t a sure thing. Even though it still managed to outsell every previous entry in the series, but I guess that probably just shows how things have changed. I thoroughly enjoyed the rebooted Tomb Raider, and it shall be one of my favourite games of this year and probably this generation of consoles, so I am very glad to see a game that deserved much more recognition than it got, getting given a little faith and trust by Square Enix.


Microsoft Announces Upgraded GPU For Xbox One

Okay, so I don’t particularly like writing about hardware. I’m all about games. Especially as it’s a very hotly debated topic, with die hard fans on all fronts, I try to avoid the “which is better?” discussion. If you listen to our podcasts you may already be aware that the console wars do come up quite often and I am quite vocal about my opinion on Sony or Microsoft’s actions, but it’s often hard to talk about games without discussing the platform. But, against my better judgement and since there isn’t anything better, I’m going to tell you about how Microsoft have upgraded the Xbox One.

Simply, the Xbox One will now have a custom AMD GPU that is supposedly similar to the previously announced Radeon HD 7790. Microsoft has upped the GPU speed by 53 MHz since their announcement at E3, which actually increases the speed to 853 MHz from 800 MHz. On top of that, there are reports that the design team has rebuilt the graphics driver to optimize performance. Whilst it still doesn’t have the processing power that the PlayStation 4 will have, it does show some sort of attempt by Microsoft to compete with their rivals. As many more tech savvy and better informed people have stated across the internet, there isn’t much in it. PS4 or Xbox One? It depends on what games you want to play and what you want from your console. Or alternatively get a gaming PC. Or all of them. Or none of them.

Feel free to comment about this week’s announcements below. And if you want more from NSG how about reading this week’s Adam Talks or heading over to our Youtube channel.


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