Dan Talks- New Minecraft Skins, Release Dates and Rayman Legends PC

I’m back with the biggest announcements from the past week:


Borderlands 2 Skins For Minecraft Announced

Gearbox, the creators of the successful Borderlands series, has announced five new Borderlands 2 skins are on their way to the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft. On Gearbox’s official site, they have the information on Skin Pack 5, which will include new skins based on Roland, Axton, Handsome Jack, Maya and Salvador and will launch on 31 July for 160 Microsoft Points. Aren’t we all just so excited to finally look like these characters, he says in a blatant sarcastic manner. I really don’t care, I’m fine being Minecraft Steve. I guess it’s good news if just can’t get enough of Borderlands 2 and it’s plentiful DLC.

f1 2013

Release Date For F1 2013 Announced

The publishers of F1 2013, Codemasters, have confirmed that the game will be available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on 4th October. This year two versions of the game will be available. In addition to the standard F1 2013 there will also be F1 2013: Classic Edition which will give owners access to two further content bundles. These bundles will feature content from the 1990’s (e.g. drivers from back ‘n day) as well as additional tracks like Imola and Estoril. But as usual with these sort of deals, the content will be available to gamers in the not to distant future as DLC. So if you like your cars fast, loud and very streamlined you only have to wait until October for this game, although by which point the next-gen consoles will be all the rage and you may as well wait for Driveclub for your driving game fix.


Outlast Release Date Announced

Outlast will be available for download on 4th September and will be released on Steam for approx £12.99 ($19.99 USD) and comes from the very small studio (apparently a studio of around ten people) called Red Barrels. They are aiming to “trap players in the uncomfortable place between fear and intrigue.” I believe that place is confusion, right? In a similar vain to Slender and Amnesia, it is aiming to scare you senseless all through the lens of a handheld camera style HUD.


Rayman Legends Announced For PC

Ubisoft has shouted with joy from the rooftops that Rayman Legends will be coming to PC at the same time it’s available on consoles. The platform game that has suffered many delays and setbacks  will now be available on PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and Wii U on August 30 in Europe. Originally it was meant to be a Wii U launch title, but that annoyed a load of noisy die hard fans when it was repeatedly pushed back. This ultimately resulted in Ubisoft flip-flopping and announcing that the game would no longer be a Nintendo exclusive. Which in turn annoyed the developers, who had almost finished the game and were ready for release in February. Basically, the fans (who have the money Ubisoft want) got their way, while the developers (who no doubt are under contract) didn’t. But a load of new levels and stuff has meant that the delay was not in vain, so that should hopefully appease both parties.


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