Chris Talks- Killzone: Shadow Fall


30 years later

We return to Vekta a city divided due to the ISA catastrophe on Helghan. Helghast refugees have been allowed a place in Vekta, which over time has developed into a bitter community in its own right. A wall now stands between the two sides cutting Vekta in half, it does little to settle a slow brewing cold war; threatening the planet itself.

Your name is Lucas Kellan, you are a Shadow Marshal. An infiltrator/combat specialist with expertise in all weapons and methods of combat; overt and covert alike. It is your task to ensure peace is maintained and all out war be averted at all costs. All the while dealing with Helghast terrorist attacks and being behind enemy lines.



With the new Killzone on the next generation Playstation, the franchise brings us some new toys. Old favourites like the standard issues rifles of both parties do make a comeback, but this time with secondary fire options. A mighty useful feature that was dropped after the first title and has taken this long to make a return. If you’re wondering what they were, underslung grenade launcher for the goodies rifle and underslung shotgun for the baddies. Rifles a side, this feature does also extend to the rest of the Killzone arsenal, lets pray they include a Magnum revolver that fires remote explosive grenades; which would in no way rip off another FPS franchise.

I did say toys with an ‘S’ (not you Robin Williams). The other bit of kit at your disposal comes in the form of a Personal Attack Drone Utility Platform with the easy to remember acronym of OWL… hmm okay. Now I must stress that OWL is supposed to be spelt in capitals, however not even Guerilla’s own Killzone website seems to shed light on why? This is just a personal thing really but if a device with military purpose has the name OWL and it does not stand for something, then just call it Owl. It shall forever be known as the Orangutan Wisdom Lisp. A handy device, that you must rely on to succeed in combat efficiently. Activated by the  touchpad, a simple swipe and aim of the reticule can make it fire on the enemy, drop a shield, deploy a zipline or scramble electronics. Without this floaty chum you would find your self up shit creek, without a floaty chum, other than actual floaters seeing as you are paddling upstream in a metaphorical river of turds and piss.


Looks Shiny?

Another thing you will be glad to see, no doubt because of the PS4’s hardware, is colour. In part brought to us via the funky lights on everyone’s heads and equipment, but also the new ways environmental light plays through glass skyscrapers, vegetation and combat. A refreshing change from the fairly muddied concrete, second-hand car sales forecourt palette, of previous Killzone entries. Think Blood Dragon during the day, with Cyber turned down from 11, with J.J.Abrams is behind the camera.

A Playstation Next-Gen release is not the same, without the now staple Killzone release title to accompany it. Tougher than previous, more colourful than previous and with more goodies than previous. Bigger maps, smarter enemies, sharper cinematics and what’s looking up to be a decent FPS yardstick to measure future Next-Gen FPS’s by.


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