Dan Talks- Gamers Now Athletes, GTAV Gameplay Trailer & Xbox One Petition

As regular readers of NoSenseGamers may realise, each week I usually choose one of the bigger ideas or topics in the world of gaming and analyse it, share my opinion and generally ramble on for several paragraphs. And while I had several ideas for this weeks article (e.g. price of games, what makes a gamer a gamer and so on),  I really couldn’t be bothered to share my opinion on such pivitol discussion topics. Especially since they aren’t current or relevant to what is happening in the industry. So I decided to write about more relevant news topics. So, as spoken by Heath Ledger’s Joker; here we go!

“Gamers Are Now Athletes”

LoL Hero Starter610

Well this is quite amusing and somewhat impressive. Gamers are now athletes, or at least pro League of Legends players are considered so by the United States government. It has been revealed that League of Legends players are now eligible for the same travel visas that are available to professional athletes from the NFL, NBA, or NHL. Basically they will find it easier to travel to the US, especially for Canadian players who are included in the North American segment of the LCS (League of Legends Championship Series).

In my opinion this is a sign of the growing legitimacy of professional gaming. These pro gamers put in a staggering amount of time and effort into being the best they can be, to the same extent as professional athletes and it is only right that they are recognised for it. The earn money doing, so it’s a profession. They enter highly competitive events, so they do work hard. And there is a huge following, so they are already recognised by so many people. It’s a good job that governments are starting to see that too.

I mean there aren’t many people out there that show the sort of grit and determination that these guys do. So a visa is no big deal really, they deserve it.

“Gameplay Trailer For GTA5, We Finally Get To See What All The Fuss Is About”


Thank you Rockstar. It feels like it’s been awhile since we’d seen a trailer for Grand Theft Auto 5. We had the cinematic and teaser trailers, a load of images, and a few statements here and there, but they had yet to see anything of the game it’s in any detail. But in the this gameplay trailer for GTA5, we finally get to see what all the fuss is about. And it is impressive to say the least. Again the boys over at Rockstar have brought us something amazing. They have some serious skills. Have a look for yourself:

The whole big character switching thing that they keep going on about  was shown off. It appears that it’ll be available both during missions and during those downtime periods in between. I was originally a little skeptical of this when it was announced. But if it works like it does in the trailer, it will be very fun and very useful. Being able to switch between characters to help each other out should make for some very exciting and cinematic moments during missions. And the ability to switch when not on a mission is very cool as well, especially as it looks like characters will remain active whilst not being controlled by the player.

The trailer also shows off some of GTA5‘s story elements, specifically the ability to choose how you approach a mission. In the trailer a jewellery store heist is shown that offers an element of choice, go in hard and rough or taking a gentle, friendlier approach. This is something I do like to so in games, giving the player freedom to choose they’re own path. An giving the player freedom, or at least an illusion of freedom, is something Rockstar are very good at.

But most of the new things we saw were the small, optional side mission/activities that GTA5 has to offer. Much like the whole bowling, pool and darts activities of the previous installment, this game appears to offer more fun past times, such as tennis, golf and cycling that all look like deep game systems in themselves rather than basic mini-games. You can also invest the money that you make in the stock market and in property, if you want to take the risk and gamble with your money.

On top of that you can change also see the abundance of customisation available. Characters’ clothing and tattoos are able to be bought and altered. And you can also customise vehicles, akin to something like Midnight Club.  All this has go me very excited for the game, and I can’t wait to play. Even the little bit of multiplayer action hinted at the end has me ready to lock myself in a room and devour this game. Let’s hope Rockstar still know how to blow our minds.

“Is Anyone Ever Happy With Microsoft?”


So apparently some of you aren’t happy with Microsoft. Is anyone ever happy with Microsoft? Since they decided to do a 180 on the whole DRM scandal, many fans have decided they were quite happy with the way things were. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, without internet access, you’re probably aware of the whole saga. But many people seemed to be unaware of what they were asking Microsoft to change, or at least that is what the creators of a petition to have the Xbox One plans changed are saying.

After they revealed at E3 that they were limiting the ability to share physical copies of games with friends and family, which many saw as an attempt to control the preowned game market, many fans were outraged and filled to web with various angry statements. I personally was just confused at why they wished to limit a players choice and apparant freedom, especially as it is something already established in the world of gaming. But as I took a step back I soon realised, as many have, that it was simply just poor communication on Microsoft’s behalf. They were simply trying to create something like Steam, but on a console. They are trying to push gaming forward, towards a place where everything is digital and easier because of it. But it didn’t come across that way.

From my point of view, it appears that they had a good idea. But they just didn’t execute it correctly. They should have tried a more subtle approach, gently transitioning people into a completely digital gaming world. Instead they choose to force it upon us with a required 24 hour online check up and restricting the ability to lend games to your friends. They basically said you do it our way, or you don’t do it at all. People don’t like that. And surely a company like Microsoft are smart enough to know that.  Sony are.

PC gamers are already used to such restrictions, they were established a long time ago. Console gamers are a different breed, and are not used to it. You can’t change the culture that has developed around console gaming overnight, it will take time. I have no doubt that ultimately everything will be digital, but until then gamers will need the choice. Which is way I personally don’t agree with the petition, Microsoft were right to change after they realised that people were unhappy. But I do think that if Microsoft take their time, and unveil things slowly and in a fashion that doesn’t limit choice, their vision on the future of gaming may be a reality.

Do you agree of disagree with me? Yes or no, share your opinion in the comments.


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