Adam Talks- Deadpool

So I originally planned on releasing this article last week but due to a series of events resulting in my PayPal account getting hacked for a tidy sum of £240 I had other priorities to attend to. Sorry guys!  However, as it turns out, the game I’d picked to write about technically only comes out this week anyway; so I’d have been cheating if I had released this article last week.


Down to business. With the hustle and bustle of E3 (and big PS4 and Xbox One news) last week you’d be forgiven for forgetting (or just not caring) about pending current-generation releases so it’s something of a shock that a new Deadpool game is coming out next week.

Deadpool is (obviously) based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name and is being developed by High Moon Studios (but published by Activision). Everyone’s favourite voice actor, Nolan North (Nathan Drake, Desmond Miles amongst a long list of other roles), is voicing the wise-cracking hero.


From what I’ve seen of the game, Deadpool is a third-person action game with combo-based fighting.  Deadpool also has a host of big hammers, sai, swords and guns at his disposal too.

Deadpool has always been known for breaking the fourth wall in the comics and the video game will be no different- he’ll verbally interact with the player based on their skill and progress.

As I was delayed bringing this article to ‘print’ I’ve been able to check out some review scores which seem favourable.  But with a Metascore of 64 I doubt Deadpool is going to inspire many gamers to pick up a copy; especially when PS3 owners are all busy playing The Last of Us (what a fantastic game that is btw!!).


There’s a shelf somewhere in my mind upon which sits a collection of video games that will be worth playing eventually but only when picked out of a Bargain Bin. This game is yet to make the shelf. In fact, if Deadpool were to find its way onto Playstation Plus’ Instant Game Collection I don’t think I’d waste the 8GB.

Not that Deadpool is an awful game, not at all.  It’s just not good enough to be worth bothering about.  Okay, it’s aimed at comic book fans, and fans of the Deadpool comics at that, so I guess if you sleep in Deadpool pyjamas beneath Deadpool bedsheets then you’ll want to add this to your collection.


This game made me think about the games I played growing up. I spent so much time on the X-Men and Spiderman games for the PS1 and PS2 and it got me thinking: were those games actually any good?  I don’t think you understand the concept of a ‘good’ game at that age.

I think every game you play as a kid was good. I can’t remember playing a game and thinking ‘that was shit’ because so long as you could spend an afternoon with it (preferably with a pal or chum) it was ‘good enough’.

So, in that sense, perhaps I will play Deadpool– as a homage to my ignorant childhood.


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