Chris Talks: The Division


Operation: Dark Winter

A real-world simulation carried out in 2001. It’s intent, to see how current modern day contingency plans and infrastructure would cope if a virus were to spiral out of control. Now while that may have been based in Oklahoma City, The Division takes place in New York; where the worst has been realised. It’s origins are unknown but it seems a man made viral pandemic (potential bio-terrorism) is in full swing; with your character established in the wake of collapse.


4 Day Rule

 Due to the highly complex nature of the global community with its dependance on a power supply, oil and trade. A fragile thread holds them all together, as soon as one is cut an element of the balance falls and the rest cannot support themselves and soon follow. The virus acts as the knife to the thread. Virus generates panic, panic leads to quarantine, quarantine induces a halt to trade, oil stops flowing, power is switched off, the economy collapses. Society is on its own. Your job is to reverse the effects as a sleeper cell. Trained in survival and combat techniques, you are the last element of control. Your mission begins when all else is in collapse, a three day initial pack with essential gear and equipment starts you off, beyond that you’re on your own, so to speak.

The Division is an online role playing shooter that, while it features massive amounts of multiplaying, does not class itself as a massively multiplayer online role playing game. Still, you must reverse societies collapse with the aid of your friends, by completing missions across the Manhattan/Brooklyn area. This can be either in the form of a physical avatar with a limitless range of customisation to image, weapons and class loadouts; all of which can be adjusted at anytime to suit the mission. Alternatively you can engage in quests as a tablet user, in the form of a Drone. With its own skill tree and perks the Drone can be used to help or to hinder, provide info on target positions, call in a precision strike and provide skill boosts; not necessarily for you though.


Tom Clancy

A new story and setting for the Clancy Franchise. One where the Splinters, Ghosts and Rainbows have failed to prevent disaster. The colour of this edition is strong with the orange, and shares many screen traits, mechanics and user interface styles with the latest Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell games. A MMORPG based in a modern setting with bullets over magic has to be compelling, especially backed by a company like Ubisoft. While it may be huge and monstrous, it has yet to truly fail and piss on our teeth. I have high hopes, I mean its online, customisable, features tactical shooting, skill trees and has a post apocalypse setting. And there’s not a zombie or mutant in sight.


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