Chris Talks: Destiny



It seems humankind is destined to take what lies beyond the stars. If Bungie has any say in it, their latest title since they left Halo promises a glimpse of this. What seems to have a race rich depth rivaling Mass Effect, twined with the camaraderie class systems of Borderlands; Destiny seems to be an ideal package.

A space opera for the PlayStation generation, Bungie are pulling together an interplanetary experience, true exploration of a future of aliens that destroy more than mere cities; humanity itself. A mystery floating sentient wisdom ball of pity and duty seems to want humans to survive and so the last of us live under it’s swollen magnanimity.


Who’s left out there?

With the last human city plonked curiously under a gravity defying planetoid ball, the mechanics of which not being fully understood, one would imagine a smarter place to keep the last of all humankind. It’s not just humans who live beneath the sphere, other Guardians exist to help defend too.

The Awoken with their sneaky and aloof ways somewhat elven in nature and mystic. Then the Exo’s, hefty and strong, unyielding and unstoppable. Humans seem to be a blend of the two, reliable and trusting. These three races (classes) can be upgraded further with traits and perks, allowing you to specialize your character even further.

Armour can be customized like most games these days. While they may grant you bonuses, it seems to be mostly aesthetic in its execution. Weapons can be upgraded as well as vehicles, all of which can be streamed and shared across multiple media formats. Taking the multiplayer elements and broadening its reach by giving you more ways to interact outside of the game itself.

From what I’ve seen and from what they have promised, Bungie has a new game that is being ambitious in the right way. Given their legacy with Halo, before the shift in standard bearers, ambitious gaming is not unheard of with them. A great sci-fi setting, vast sand box questing, customisation and combat, what’s not to look forward too. Anybody feeling they need to fill the gap left by Mass Effect’s absence, then this should be the adventure for you.


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