Play This! 6 June 2013

Welcome to ‘Play This!’ our weekly round-up of the games you should (or shouldn’t) play this week.


1. Remember Me

Developer – DONTNOD

Release Date – 7th June

Platforms – X360, PS3 & PC

Set in a futuristic version of Paris (Neo-Paris, duh) in 2084, Remember Me sees you control Nilin, an ‘Errorist’ (and yes, it’s a woman!) as you fight the stranglehold of the (presumably) evil Memorise corporation.

The game contains action-adventure as well as stealth elements and, in terms of the gameplay, is nothing special. However, don’t discount Remember Me just yet! Remember (Me) that Neo-Paris I mentioned earlier? Well, this futuristic metropolis is the true draw of this game and almost makes it worth playing even just to experience the world itself.

Okay, that may not be enough to entice £40 out of your bank account but maybe with a price drop it’ll be well worth a shout.

Play This? If you’ve nothing else to waste your money on; or else keep your eyes peeled for bargain bins.


2. State of Decay

Developer – Undead Labs

Release Date – 5th June

Platforms – X360 (Arcade)

State of Decay is an open world zombie survival horror game available via Xbox Live Arcade.  Apparently, and unlike Left 4 Dead and Dead Island, State of Decay focuses on survival and stealth-based gameplay as opposed to action and intense gore.  Which, to me, sounds great!

I only managed to find 2 reviews ahead of publishing this piece and IGN awarded State of Decay 89/100 while Official Xbox Magazine gave it 80/100; so not bad at all in my book.

I’ve been yearning for a less ‘actiony’ zombie game for some time now so this game is a must try for me (though as I’m without an Xbox 360 I’ll have to wait for the PC version).

Play This? Yes, and bring your dad’s old cricket bat!



Developer – Playdead

Release Date – 6th June

Platforms – Vita (Previously released on X360, PS3, PC & Mac)

This puzzle-platform game came out on ‘the usual’ platforms a few years back and was met with high praise  indeed (a Metascore of 90/100).

The game features 2D sidescrolling gameplay as you guide an unnamed character through dangerous environments and traps in search for his lost sister.  I remember the game being particularly praised for its story, art and music direction. So you’re looking at something of a hidden gem here.

It’ll be no surprise that LIMBO has picked up countless awards over the years and was even Xbox Live Arcade’s third-highest selling game of 2010.

Play This? If you didn’t pick it up originally it’s definitely worth trying out.


4. 7 Grand Steps

Developer – Mousechief

Release Date – 7th June

Platforms – PC & Mac

I must admit, I couldnt find much information on 7 Grand Steps (saying that, wait til you read my ‘comments’ about the next game), but it features a board game style approach while tasking the player with keeping their family line alive throughout various stages of human history.

When I eventually did find more information on 7 Grand Steps I discovered that it actually contains a compelling story and, for board game enthusiasts, is well worth a look at.

Personally, I don’t see it.

Play This? When you’ve run out of Backgammon.


5. Break Tactics

Developer – Agetec Inc

Release Date – 6th June

Platforms – DS

Break Tactics is a puzzle-strategy game published by Agetec Inc exclusively for the Nintendo DS.

Play This? No.


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