NoSenseGamers Podcast 28- “I Got In”

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NoSenseGamers Podcast 28 has arrived. In this episode Adam, Dan and Luke (sorry, no Chris) talk about the many on-goings of the games industry. If you only have a slight interest in games, the chance is that you know the biggest news topic from the past couple of weeks. The next Xbox reveal. And as you can imagine, we get very carried away with the topic. Which is why this podcast is a little longer than usual.

The topics discussed during this podcast are: Nvidia Project Shield, hand-held consoles, Bioshock Infinite Sales, Square Enix CEO leaves, Borderlands 2 new class, Pacman And The Ghostly Adventures, NHL14, next-gen titles, PSN June Content, EA “Wii U Is Crap”, Online Passes, Nintendo Enforces Youtube Copyright, SEGA/ Nintendo Exclusivity, Assassin’s Creed Movie, FIFA 14, EA Sports, Need For Speed, PS4 Teaser and the Xbox One reveal.

Listen to us talk nonsense about games by having a listen to our podcast below and/or head over to iTunes to download it:

NoSenseGamers Podcast 28- “I Got In”



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