Chris Talks: What is Watch Dogs?



North-East Blackout 2003. Remember that one right? Not really. Well it seems Anonymous type hackers caused it. So obviously, when tech savvy swine’s threaten your infrastructure, you develop a massive Skynet-style citywide operating system, linking and controlling all electronic information. One that in no way could be infiltrated or used against itself, nor used to benefit say, a hacker vigilante that wishes to use the data to right wrongs. In a two wrongs make a right and I don’t care who’s right or wrong kinda way, because my wrongs are doing right by those who want right, and doing wrong on wrong people regardless of who may be right or wrong. 


Let’s get these Cybers!

Your name is Aiden. You are a gifted hacker with an agenda. Justice. To better safeguard an ever expanding cities interests. CtOS (Central Operating System) was conceived to protect and monitor all passing information. Given Aiden’s skills and the unprecedented access to a full cities worth of information and data. He plans to exploit the system to benefit himself and uncover what secrets lie beneath the city.

Observe the alleyways and streets using hijacked CCTV. Pry in real time into the lives of all the citizens around you; even predicting their intentions based on recent actions and interests. When the sausage hits the teapot, Aiden can get pretty nifty with a gun, his fists, and his trusty crowd pleasing baton. He can sneak, scale, jump and roll with the best of them too; almost like a spiritual love child/successor to Ezio and Fisher. It is Ubisoft after all.



In all honesty I’ve not found out much about this game, it’s story or the character’s purpose in the game’s near future setting. However, I quite like it that way. What I have found out doesn’t give much away and the game features witnessed (some of which has been used plenty before now) hint at what should be rather deep game play. So let’s look at the evidence: Hackers and stuff. Augmented Reality, info floating, old lady stuff. An entire city at your fingertips… and stuff. As a mirror to today’s inter-connectivity and the possible future of information availability (as well as ‘ownership’) it makes for a compelling eye-brow raiser into what information really represents.

While it’s intended victims should be using next-gen consoles, Watch Dogs will be available on current gen tech also. However, why deprive oneself of the full experience. Own it across all console formats (duh, not the Wii U, why even think that) and generations, and catamarans, and breakfast cereals. It is one to certainly ‘watch’ for and given Ubisoft’s track record, something worth having.

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