Play This!- 16 May 2013

Welcome to ‘Play This!’ our weekly round-up of the games you should (or shouldn’t) play this week.

Metro-Last-Light-2 (1)

1. Metro: Last Light

Developer – 4A Games

Release Date – 17th May 2013

Platforms – PS3, X360 and PC

The long anticipated sequel to Metro 2033, Metro: Last Light hasn’t had the smoothest of rides.  The game was originally to be published by THQ but after a series of delays and THQ’s closure in January this year, the intellectual property was acquired by Deep Silver.

Still, with a mix of: post-apocalyptic setting, action-oriented gameplay and survival horror elements, if you liked Metro 2033 (and, come on, who didn’t!?) you’re sure to love Metro: Last Light.

In an industry full of multiplayer-oriented first-person shooters, Metro: Last Light is a refreshing single-player experience for any true FPS fan.

Play This? You bet your bourbon-soaked ass!


2. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity

Developer – Nintendo

Release Date – 17th May 2013

Platforms – 3DS

It’s a Pokemon game.  If you’re still into Pokemon games you’ll probably enjoy Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity.  Or, you probably won’t.  With a Metascore of 64%, which, in this day and age, is as bad as 46%, you’ll probably find this one tedious, pointless and repetitive.

The problem is: the game is a fusion of Pokemon and Mystery Dungeon and (according to reviews) seems to fail at both.

Still, Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow or GTFO.

Play This? Stick to RBY.


3. Leviathan: Warships

Developer – Pieces Interactive

Release Date – 17th May 2013

Platforms – PC and Mac

This strategic action game sees players build and customize their own fleet of warships to fight against deadly foes in a series of single-player or multiplayer skirmishes.  If you get a hard-on for warships and sea-based military combat this is the game for you.

To me, it all seems like an updated version of Overboard; a top-down adventure game for the PS1 way back in 1997.

I’m finding it hard to get enthusiastic about this game.  It doesn’t matter, you probably aren’t going to play it anyway.

Play This? If your name is Black Beard or Captain Jack.


4. Terraria

Developer – Re-Logic

Release Date – 15th May 2013

Platforms – PS3 (Previously released for XBLA and PSN US)

Terraria is a highly-acclaimed side-scrolling action-adventure game from indie game developer Re-Logic.

Similar to Minecraft but less expensive, you’ll explore, craft, construct and fight your way through a randomly generated 2D world.

One thing Terraria does have which Minecraft doesn’t is the appearance of NPCs if you complete certain side quests or boss fights.  That’s cool, right!?

At the end of the day, Terraria is a pretty decent integration of the Minecraft concept with one dimension fewer.

Play This? If you like Minecraft you’ll like Terraria.


5. Anomaly 2

Developer – 11 Bit Studio

Release Date – 15th May 2013

Platforms – PC

Using the tower offense concept from Anomaly Warzone Earth to a whole new level, Anomaly 2 adds new features and gameplay elements on top of the original game’s basic structure.  I say this as though you’ve all played (or even heard of) the original Anomaly game.

I was about to write about the invasion of Earth in 2018 but I just can’t be bothered now. I mean, you’re all as disinterested as I am.  You’re probably already playing Metro: Last Light anyway.

Play This? If you’re a crazy, hardcore, super-mental fan of Anomaly Warzone Earth.


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