Play This! 02 May 2013

Welcome to ‘Play This!’ Our weekly round-up of the games you should (or shouldn’t) play this week.


1. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

DeveloperUbisoft Montreal

Release Date – 1st May 2013

Platforms – PS3 (via Playstation Network), X360 (via Xbox Live Arcade), PC

It started as an April Fool’s joke.  An April Fool’s joke that turned out to be true.  Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a stand-alone expansion of one of the best games of last year (second only to The Walking Dead, in our eyes): Far Cry 3.

Taking place in a futuristic, neon-fueled, open world island, the player takes control of Sergeant Rex ‘Power’ Colt, an eye-patch sporting cyborg.  If the mix of retro 80’s music, an open world setting and the prospect of taking on ‘blood dragons’ doesn’t appeal to you then FUCK RIGHT OFF.  Period.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is available to download now.

Play This? Heck yes!


2. Fez

Developer – Polytron Corporation

Release Date – 1st May 2013

Platforms – PC (Already available on X360 via Xbox Live Arcade)

I have to admit, my interest in Fez was piqued merely by stumbling across the documentary film Indie Game: The Movie on Netflix one evening.  What turned out to be an extremely interesting little film followed the development of a handful of indie games, Fez included.

After seeing the effort creator Phil Fish was putting into Fez (think: blood, sweat, tears and suicidal thoughts) I became enthralled by the indie game scene in general.  This game is a huge departure from most AAA titles, putting you in control of a two-dimensional creature living in a flat 2D world.  You’ll find yourself tasked with collecting 32 cubes and solving various puzzles along the way in a totally unique and refreshing manner.

If you wish to support the video gaming industry (or just indie games in general) you simply MUST buy Fez.

Play This? Yes.


3. Zoo Park: Run Your Own Animal Sanctuary

Developer – Excalibur Publishing Limited

Release Date – 3rd May 2013

Platforms – PC

I’m not even going to research this game.  If you have ever dreamt of owning your own zoo or animal sanctuary then you should probably give this one a try.  For the rest of us (who are over 6-years-old), skip this one.

Play This? I’d rather feed my dick to a CGI tiger.


4. Soul Sacrifice

Developer – SCEA

Release Date – 3rd May 2013

Platforms – Vita

I have to say, I’d never been interested in buying a Playstation Vita until I saw the PS4 announcement a few months back.  To me, handheld games should be instantly pickup-able, easy, simple (think: Pokemon [pick a colour]).  So I’d never been interested in playing Uncharted on the bus.  However, after announcing all PS4 games will be instantly playable on the Vita (we’re talking ‘touch of a button’ switch-over, here) my ears pricked up.

Enough about my initial Vita reservations, Soul Sacrifice is an action-adventure role-playing game whose main gaming mechanic revolves around sacrificing the character’s body parts or items to unleash powerful attacks to thwart your many enemies.

What could have been a fairly forgettable title is picking up some fairly decent reviews so far, and coming from the co-designer of Mega Man (Keiji Inafune) it’s hardly a surprise.

Play This? Worth a punt.


5. Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge

Developer – Firma Studios

Release Date – 30th April 2013

Platforms – PS3, Vita

I’ll simplify this one for you: slow zombies v fast zombies.  (Personally, I’ve always been a fan of the classic ‘slow zombie’ and pine for the day I can gun down hordes of slow-shuffling but numerous walkers in a single-player video game).

Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge is apparently a “refreshingly simple hybrid of RTS depth and MOBA thrills” (Playstation Universe) but I can’t say I’m convinced from what I’ve seen.

If you are located within the intersection of two sets depicting: ‘people who love zombies’ and ‘people who love RTS games’ on a Venn diagram then this one is definitely for you, my friend.

Play This? Possibly, yeah.

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