Play This! 25 April 2013

Welcome to ‘Play This!’ our weekly round-up of the games you should (or shouldn’t) play this week.


1. Star Trek: The Game

Developer – Digital Extremes

Release Date – 26th April 2013

Platforms – PS3, X360, PC

It’s a movie tie-in video game based on what will probably be one of the biggest movie events of the year.  So of course it’s going to suck.  I have to wonder just how much money these developers make off such cheap cash-ins, because nobody but the incredibly easily-pleased Trekkie will even think about picking up this game.

Available for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, Star Trek The Video Game (you know it’s bad when ‘The Video Game’ is in the title) is an action adventure co-op game which casts players as lovable duo Kirk and Spock and face-off against the villainous Gorn.  Expect sub-par graphics, overly-simplistic game mechanics and the odd movie quote.

Play This? No


2. Dead Island Riptide

Developer – Techland

Release Date – 26th April 2013

Platforms – PS3, X360, PC

The previous Dead Island game was plagued by bugs and repetitive gameplay but when played with a group of friends could easily entertain even the snobbiest of video game snobs. I always felt that if Techland had spent a few more months ironing out the creases of the first game they could have had an instant cult classic on their hands.

It was with this in mind that I had high hopes for its sequel: Riptide. From early reviews and gameplay footage it seems that Dead Island: Riptide is very much the same as its predecessor with perhaps a few less bugs and glitches.

Thinking of picking up a copy? Go and read the reviews for the original Dead Island.  If you can overlook the mass of negatives reviewers pointed out about Dead Island and can simply enjoy the crazy hack, slash, shoot nature of the game then you should probably pick up Dead Island Riptide on PC, Xbox 360 or PC.  If, however, you’re after a polished AAA title that you simply must play before you die then perhaps give this one a miss.

Also, I forgot to mention, there are zombies.

Play This? Maybe


3. Injustice: Gods Among Us

Developer – NetherRealm Studios

Release Date – 19th April 2013

Platforms – PS3, X360, Wii U, iPhone

Injustice: Gods Among Us is a new fighting game franchise from the people behind Mortal Kombat.  Featuring a host of DC comic book characters including: Batman, Harley Quinn, Superman, The Flash & Wonder Woman, you’ll kick, punch and throw your way through an original story revolving around Superman ‘going off on one’ and establishing a New World Order.  It’s up to you to save the day!  (I’m guessing you probably do end up saving the day)

Available on iOS, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii, Injustice: God Among Us is a fairly solid fighting game using the classic two-dimensional plane.  Fighting games, like Sonic the Hedgehog, should always be restricted to a two-dimensional plane.

Don’t expect a revolution when you pick up your chosen gamepad to play Injustice: God Among Us, because you won’t get it. Instead, you’ll have hours of fun playing through the main story and generally beating the shit out of a host of DC characters.

Play This? Probably


4. American Trucker

Developer – Ikaron

Release Date – 19th April 2013

Platforms – PC

Surely everyone grows up wanting to be an American trucker! No? I thought not.  Released last Friday, American Trucker The Simulation is the latest driving simulation game from Ikaron.

Think of the fun you’ll have, just you, the road and lots and lots of blurry trees.  It’s a match made in heaven.

I must admit, I don’t know much about American Trucker (the game doesn’t even have a dedicated Wikipedia page), but I’m certain that, like the plethora of other ‘simulator’ games currently on the market, if you’re a fine of trucking of the American variety you’ll probably enjoy this game.  If, on the other hand, you require more from a game, excitement for example, I recommend giving this one a miss.

Play This? No (unless you’re a mother trucka’)


5. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen (Expansion)

Developer – Capcom

Release Date – 26th April 2013

Platforms – PS3, X360

An expansion of the original 2012 release of Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen contains both the original game and new content (think: new quests, locations, character customisation and more).

Originally billed as an alternative to the much-loved Skyrim, Dragon’s Dogma was a fairly solid game, if not markedly less polished than Skyrim.  Still, if you liked Skyrim or (Capcom’s own) Monster Hunter, it’s probably worth at least downloading the demo for Dragon’s Dogma.  One thing to note: it’s Japanese.  So expect slightly quirky game mechanics and alienating (to Westerners) dialogue.

Dragon’s Dogma promises to improve on what was a pretty solid game in the first place with a few bug fixes and a host of new quests and locations to fight your way through.

Available for PS3 and Xbox 360, this open world hack and slash adventure won’t win any awards, but you’ll get over 70 hours of gameplay out of it, which, come on, is far more than most titles offer these days.

Play This? Yeah, go on then!


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