NoSenseGamers Podcast 20- “Fight In The Australian Wars Against The Dragons”

NSG Logo Podcast Logo2NoSenseGamers Podcast 20, that’s right… twenty, is now available to listen to right here. This week Dan, Chris and Ian talk about their favourite games of 2012 and what games they’re looking forward to over the coming year. This episode is also very heavy on the nonsense front, most likely due the the chaotic nature of having Chris and Ian, two of the most random people, in the same room at the same time. And a little heads up, at about the 29 minute mark there were some technical faults that halted the recording. So don’t switch off, it was our fault.

Some of the stuff we talk about in this episode is: Australia, Dragons, Looper, Monkey Island, Far Cry, Jurassic Park, Jeff Goldblum, Sean Connery, Guild Wars 2, Mass Effect, Battlefield 3, Splinter cell: Blacklist, The Witcher, Cyberpunk 2077, Valve, Fallout, Battle: Los Angeles, Skyrim, Sony, Tomb Raider, Atari, Bioshock, JJ Abrams, Star Wars, THQ, FIFA 13, JoJoLooksAt, Borderlands 2, Dead Space 2, Heavy Rain, Halo 4, Killzone, FTL, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Awesomenauts, League of Legends, and The Walking Dead The Game.

Unfortunately this week there are no reviews, not just because we’re lazy but also because of the lack of new releases. But to listen to us waffle on about games have a listen to our podcast below and/or head over to iTunes to download it:

NoSenseGamers Podcast 20- “Fight In The Australian Wars Against The Dragons”



2 responses to “NoSenseGamers Podcast 20- “Fight In The Australian Wars Against The Dragons”

  1. Thanks for talking about my channel lads; hope you all come down to Liverpool for a night out, I’ll be there and I’ll personally give you all a kiss on your little peachy bottoms for the nice things you said here.

    This website is beautifully designed and your podcast’s are possibly some of the funniest I’ve enjoyed to date. You all look like you’ve worked really hard on this, I’m going to make sure that I plug this website a little on one of my videos, 410 subscribers; hopefully you’ll get a few of those!

    Good luck and I’ll keep on checking up on the site and the podcasts.

    Peace and Love, Joe!

  2. I Think article, “NoSenseGamers Podcast 20- “Fight In The Australian Wars Against
    The Dragons” | NoSenseGamers” ended up being good!
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