Deus Ex: Human Revolution on its way to Hollywood

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is set to smash augmented-fist first onto the big screen, according to various, I’m assured, credible sources.

Deus Ex Badass

This guy is seriously badass, who will portray him on the big screen?

It will be produced by the guy behind Hitman and he claims to be working closely with the original developers to create something that doesn’t completely suck.

There have been quite a few films based on games, take Bloodrayne for example, that have truly stank, dragging the franchise through brown sludge so thick it brings tears to even the mildest fan’s eyes. Then again, Uwe Boll was behind Bloodrayne and a host of other crapics.

That Mr Boll isn’t connected to the project brings me some hope, and the producer behind the decent Hitman being involved gives me more.

How they intend to take a game that is praised for its huge number of choices and make a linear film out of it I don’t know. It will be fascinating to see what they come up with though.

Now for the big question.

Does it make sense?

The plot? Oh, no, I think you mean does making producing the film make sense? Financially, yes. Hollywood makes tonnes of films every year and taking cue from the rich tapestry that is Deus Ex’s world will give them a well developed story to start with. As for the plot itself, lets just wait and see shall we?

What do you think? Has Hollywood done enough damage to films based on games or do you want to see more attempts? Does this news excite you or fill you with dread?

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