Mass Effect 3 Extended Ending Review (SPOILERS!!!)

As I announced before, the people at Bioware released the extended ending for Mass Effect 3 yesterday (Tuesday 26th June). This extension to the end of the game is intended to clear up the issues that people had with it’s ending, such as the lack of closure, plot holes and general confusion. Well, I have played it, but before I tell you my opinion I am warning you that there shall be spoilers. So…



Now, since you have been warned I can continue. As those who listen to our podcast will know, I am a huge Mass Effect fan. So when the game was released I played it non-stop for weeks. And with every play through I loved it, until the ending. Seriously, what is the point in investing so much time into a getting to know a fictional universe only to not find out it’s fate. You didn’t know what happened to anyone, except for Shepard (sort of, what with him possibly surviving when you choose Destroy option and all).

Then you have the plot holes like how the Normandy some how get’s messed up and crashes because they’re somehow in the middle of a Mass Relay jump with everyone on-board. Along with the whole “every choice I chose doesn’t matter” thing, the game’s ending really let’s the franchise down. That’s not to say it was a complete abomination, it had some good moments. You did feel for Shepard at the end when he had to make the ultimate choice, you just wish it wasn’t the only choice that mattered. Especially when the cut scenes for all the endings were pretty much the same.

Remember this bit, it was good. Now it’s better.

Well people, worry no longer. Bioware have fixed it without totally destroying the aim of the original ending. Shepard can still make the same choices, only now they’re mostly different. For example, if you choose the destroy ending (as I always like to), not only does Shepard blow everything up, we see how having no Reapers around effects the galaxy. They survivors start to rebuild, but not all that fast. Whereas if you choose the control option, you’ll see that Shepard becomes some sort of super AI that is one with the Reapers, controlling them. Using them to rebuild.

On top of changing the three original endings to give them different flavours, they also gave us another fourth option. One that I chose (completely by accident) the first time I played through the extended ending. This one, known as the refusal ending, is where Shepard tells that AI/Reaper kid to essentially F**k off. Shepard decides to fight on. This introduces a completely different ending, one without the whole blue/green/red burst of energy from the crucible. I suggest playing it through to see it for yourself, because I’m not spoiling that ending too. I did quite like it though.

Also, as well as all the stuff I’ve just talked about. You also get to see how the squad you chose to take with you on the last mission get back on the Normandy. In my opinion, it was good and simple. And also quite a dramatic moment that is somewhat emotional. I personally took James and Kaiden with me, and they played into it really well.

I bet you don’t remember this from the original endings. That’s right, a glimpse of the Quarians maskless.

Even more changes to the ending include:

  • A sort of slide show thing showing the affect your choices had across the galaxy,
  • A touching little memorial service on-board the Normandy,
  • The Normandy fixed and taking off,
  • A voice over by a different character depending on the ending you chose,
  • A little bit where the fleet all jump away to some rendezvous point and Garrus has to force Joker to leave without Shepard (explaining why the Normandy was mid-jump in the original ending),
  • More dialogue options when you’re talking to the AI/Reaper child (they pretty much spell it out for you now),
  • Joker is less panicked when the pulse of energy is chasing the Normandy,
  • The Mass Relays are not destroyed, just badly damaged,
  • A bit where a solider saves another injured soldier by fighting off husks, who are about to overwhelm him as the energy pulse hits (which sounds kind of cheesy, but is actually quite cool)
  • Various scenes on what I assume is Palaven, Thessia and Tuchanka where we see the Reapers Destroyed/leave and soldiers celebrating.

As you can tell, there is a load of new stuff. Most of it isn’t big, but the little changes are always the best. Although they aren’t all that little either, with the download being about 1.9 GB (or 1.85 GB according to Xbox Live), you might want to clear some room.

Does it make sense?: All in all, definitely worth it. Especially considering that it’s free and just makes the game so much better. In fact, I would go as far as to say, if you haven’t played Mass Effect 3 yet (if so, why not?), don’t play the game without the extended cut downloaded. That’s my thoughts and opinion on the Mass Effect 3 Extended Ending. Something that definitely makes sense.


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