Metro: Last Light Live-Action Short Film

Another live-action short film for a game. Wow, they’re popular at the moment. What with the Ghost Recon short film only a week ago.

This time it’s THQ who are having a go with their short film advertising the sequel to the 2010 game Metro 2033Due to be released some time in early 2013, Metro: Last Light looks to being taking form. But the short film is more about backstory than the actual game as it’s set 20 years before the events of the first game, giving you a glimpse of the nuclear attack that played such a big role in the game’s setting.

Check it out:

Does this make sense?: Plenty of companies are releasing live action trailers these days, so yes it does. But this one is something quite interesting, as it just deals with backstory and not actual game characters (or so I believe). It’s a rarity.


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