Diablo 3 Hot-Fix Released

Diablo 3's Titular Character, Diablo

You are far too powerful, and I am wielding the mighty NERFBAT + 2!

Not two weeks since the world’s fastest selling video game was released has Diablo 3 been patched. The most notable fix is a nerf to a Monk ability that rendered the class all but invulnerable for what Blizzard considers a bit too long.

This change affects the author’s own level 34 character of the same class. Just declaring all my interests here!


Games being patched is a long established staple of PC gaming. Although it is relatively novel to see a game patched for console gamers, PC games are subject to far more frequent updates. Even Diablo 2, a game more than ten years old, was patched as late as 2010. Blizzard are well known for updating their games, and Diablo 3 will be no exception.

As for the nerf to the Monk class, it might make sense from a balance perspective. A skill making you invincible for several seconds is going a bit far. The issue that I take with it is that I was never given the opportunity to see just how powerful the ability was.


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