Ghost Recon Alpha Short Film and Launch Trailer

Ubisoft has released a 25-minute short film that serves as a prequel to Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. The live action short film called Ghost Recon Alpha takes place after an attack on a European city, which plays an important role in the game’s plot. Interestingly, the four main characters of the film are also the four characters you’ll be playing in the game.

You can check out Ghost Recon Alpha below:

If somehow that didn’t wet your appetite enough and you require another dose of Ghost Recon goodness to blow your mind, then check out the latest trailer below. It shows clips from cinematic scenes and a whole load of gameplay:

Does this make sense?: Yes and yes. Plenty of companies are releasing live action trailers these days, but very few release entire short films. Especially ones of such a high standard. And the trailer is yet another lovely taste of the game itself, one that was expected but still a pleasure to watch.


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