NoSenseGamers Podcast 03- “Warlocks and Taxmen”

The third NoSenseGamers Podcast is now online after a three week absense. But we’re not back in full strength, this is a shorter podcast thanks to a number of technical difficulties. But it’s still full of geeky goodness as Dan, Chris and Adam get together to discuss the on-goings of the video games industry.

This week we discuss Prototype 2, Motorstorm Apocalypse, Halo 4 and still manage to be entertaining with only two of the three microphones working.

So check it out below:

Nosensegamers Podcast 03- Warlocks and Taxmen



2 responses to “NoSenseGamers Podcast 03- “Warlocks and Taxmen”

    • Yeah, your mic failed. I did manage to find little bits of your voice recorded by my mic or Adam’s, and then I amplified it. Although the quality isn’t great you can make out what your saying.

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