Crysis 3 Announced

Electronic Arts has announced Crysis 3, the third game in German developer Crytek’s futuristic shooter series, will be released next spring. The game is set in 2047 in a New York that has been encased in Cell Corporation’s Liberty Dome. The quarantine dome exists to protect citizens from the Ceph and other dangers, or so the Cell Coporation claim. The truth is that it’s all a part of Cell’s attempt at world domination.

Crysis 3 will once again see you take up the role as the character Prophet who now has a new Nanosuit, a deadly composite bow, and alien technology at his disposal as he takes on various environments and whatever enemies get in his path

In this sequel, rather than seeing the usual horde of skyscrapers we associate with New York, players will find themselves clambering through some sort of jungle with lots of trees, swamps and rivers. This encased rainforest is split into seven areas called the Seven Wonders, all of them different in some manner.

If this game has got you excited then you should also now that if you pre-order the game now, you can get the Hunter Edition for no extra charge. You will get early access to Prophet’s composite bow and its attachements in multiplayer, the Hunter Nanosuit module, plus some online perks.

Does this make sense?: It makes sense that Crytek would bring out a sequel, but why they’ve decided to go with the Stephen King style dome does not. Surely there are better ways to conquer the world.

Source: Gameinformer


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