From Minecraft to Spacecraft?

Minecraft, a game that plays similar to a cross between Resident Evil and Super Mario Land 64, is set to have a sequel set in space, according to the game’s creator Markus Persson.

Although taking place in the far future, the game will feature an alternate universe timeline and involve heavy use of technology from the 80s.

Apart from owning their own ship, players will have access to an on board 16-bit computer to program anything from operating systems to simple games. The prospect of gaming within a game is certainly tantalising, if a little akin to a twist on Christopher Nolan’s Inception.

Some tenuous connection to Persson’s previous hit remains. Your main objective sees you transversing the galaxy in search of value deposits to, you guess it, mine.

Although in very early development, the title, known as 0x10C, sounds promising for hardcore and more casual gamers alike.

Check out the games website website for more.

Source: Ars Technica


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