Post-Release Mass Effect 3 Trailer

BioWare is commemorating their recent success with Mass Effect 3 with a new trailer called “The War Begins”. If you haven’t played the game yet, watch out for spoilers as there are scenes from the game involving returning characters that may ruin the game for fans trying to avoid spoilers.

In other words, if you haven’t played the game avoid this video:


One response to “Post-Release Mass Effect 3 Trailer

  1. I understand that making a game that is custom tailored to the player is a difficult, technical task but this is how they marketed the game. I remember feeling that my ME1 decisions, with the exception of Wrex, didn’t really have an impact on ME2 except for a few casual encounters with Conrad or an Asari communicating on behalf of the Rachni Queen. I really felt like I would feel the heavy weight of my major decisions from ALL three titles. Instead, there were many times when it felt like “Oh yeah, I remember doing that.” The only decisions that seemed to carry sufficient weight were ones that I made in this particular game.

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