Heavy Rain Developer Shows Off Project Kara

Yesterday, at GDC, Quantic Dream founder and Heavy Rain developer David Cage debuted the ‘Kara‘ short film. Surprisingly it isn’t a trailer for a new game but rather a trailer for the engine the development company is using for future projects. The video is quite something. Using mo-cap, vocal and facial performances that were all captured at the same time to produce a quite aesthetically brilliant short film.

This short is a good indicator of what to expect from Quantic Dream in the future, as David Cage has already stated he as aspirations of producing games that have a more profound meaning and deal with more mature themes. This is something generally unseen with the games industry. Hopefully, this is the start of a new generation of games that appeal to a more grown-up audience that are looking for more depth and intelligence in their games.

But only time will tell what effects such things may have on such a fast paced industry. For now, let’s just admire the short film that you can watch below:

Is this the right direction for the games industry or is it a path we should avoid?



2 responses to “Heavy Rain Developer Shows Off Project Kara

  1. I am for this. As a production student (soon graduating), I believe in the power of taking the pieces of media and reconstructing them. In Heavy Rain, we felt and interacted with an emotional story. Granted the story itself was cut & paste, but it was the characters and their stories that were important. If that expression can be done in games, just as with narrative film, then it’s a step forward. Time will tell what this Kara project is going to evolve into, but I trust Quantic Dream.

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