Forza Horizon “Tone” Trailer

For all you racing fans out there, we have news that there will be a new Forza game coming out during the autumn of this year. The rumour popped onto the internet this past weekend with a cinematic live-action trailer to support it. But, here at nosensegamers, it made no sense to post a trailer that my be nothing more than a hoax. But it isn’t. It’s real.

So here is the trailer. Don’t expect any gameplay footage though, it’s all about “tone”.

Exciting or boring? What do you think?


2 responses to “Forza Horizon “Tone” Trailer

  1. What the fuck was that. I’m informed of nothing, other than: A cool Chemical Brothers remix, and the release date. Is it a music video, a nightclub racing desert?

    Forza recently has taken over Gran Turismo for me as the best racer. So I hope they do good, just have a trailer that provides a service.

  2. It’s the typical way that racing games are announced in their first trailers. They share so much in common with actual car adverts on TV. They tell you very little and speak through metaphors.

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