FemShep Take Earth Back Trailer

Remember the first Mass Effect 3 Take Earth Back trailer, well another one almost exactly the same has been released only this time it shows the tough girl that is commonly referred to as Female Shepard, or FemShep, instead of the square jawed male Shepard. Even if it is two weeks after the first, it’s still nice to see that the developers haven’t forgotten those who prefer their Shepard in the form of a woman.

Take a look, and if you wish you can skip to 2:04 to just see FemShep.

Better or worse than the original?


One response to “FemShep Take Earth Back Trailer

  1. I didn’t feel that all of my decisions really mattered. My feeling is that your decisions mattered mainly insofar as a character might briefly appear in the game and promise to help you but you may not ever encounter that character again in the game and a positive number would be tallied, in your favor, to your military strength. So, basically, I feel like I made decisions not to see further development of a character who was willing to fight and, possibly die, along side me but rather, to see a sum magically increase by a few hundred points.

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