A New SimCity?

That’s right people. According to IGN, who have translated German magazine Gamestar to get this news, state that while there hasn’t been any official announcement from the developers there is another SimCity game on the way. This time round it’ll be simply called SimCity and there are going to be a number of interesting and long awaited changes.

To start with there are rumours of curved streets that will make for a more natural looking city, which will at least make things a little more interesting. But maybe even a little bit better is the rumour that the games camera will be much easier and fluent as it won’t have a fixed viewpoint allowing players to zoom in on specific buildings or move the camera around.

As with every new game the there will be improved graphics over the last installment in the series and there’s going to be an increased level of detail with the ability to see the tiniest details on buildings and being able to focus on individual citizens as they go about their business. This new attention to detail will also be noticeable on buildings as they change and develop as time goes on and (in the case of a business or a factory) they prosper. Basically, buildings will be up-gradable.

And by the sound of things, the user interface as been improved to make it easier to understand and easier to manage your city.

Online multiplayer has also been improved and made more efficient, with trading between you and your regional friends via land, sea and air. Online play also means that there will likely be leaderboards, so you can see how good you really are at playing the game compared to your friends.

From what we can work out, there are very few details available. So we don’t exactly know how things are going to play out. But hopefully in the future we’ll see plenty more details to wet our city building appetites.


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